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Özpekler Limited Şirketi was founded in 1988 in Tekkeköy, Denizli, by Mustafa ÖZPEK, the founder and currently chairman of the board of directors.

This farm, which has an annual capacity of 40 tons of trout, has an annual capacity of 200 tons.

Established in 1994 with the aim of responding to increasing market demands during the work process, the second Özpekler trout production farm in Elmalı village of Denizli, Çameli district, has been opened with a reinforced concrete pool system. Yasin and Osman Özpek joined the management of the company in 1995. It has become the symbol of honest and principles-based, moral trade with brothers.

In 1994 Özpekler Water Products Co.Ltd. In the face of the increase in demand, this time, their third farm has been established in Yapraklı dam lake, in Burdur province, Gölhisar district. 1.000 tons of trout are grown annually in 180 cage pools in this farm. Increasing production, naturally directed to the needs of the market and with the decision to switch to a more systematic production form,

In 1999, hatchery facilities under the Yapraklı Dam were established by Özpekler. In this hatchery facility where the young trout is grown in need of farms, 10.000.000 pieces of trout are produced in this hatchery. 400 tons of trout is fed to the market sizes annually in reinforced concrete pools.

After this stage, Trout Smoked, Frozen Trout, Sea Bream and Sea Bass are exported abroad in the advanced processing facilities established in May 2003 in Denizli.

In 2005, farms consisting of two separate sections with a capacity of 1000 tons / year were put into service in the village of Karaçam, in the Muğla Köyceğiz district.

In 2007, he founded 7 farms of his own in Floating cages with a capacity of 1,100 tons / year in Gökgöl village of Denizli Çivril district.

It continued its investments in 2010 and established its facilities in order to produce 600 Ton / year Sea Bream and Sea Bass off the Bodrum Güllük Yılanadası. As a Processing Facility, it has certified its production with BRC, IFS, IBAN, HACCP, TSE certificates with quality certificates.

In short, ÖZPEKLER Ltd. offers live or processed trout to the market with an annual production capacity of 4,600 tons. Sti. It has been continuing and will continue to manufacture, grow, process and packaging services in contemporary western standards since 1988.



It was founded by Mustafa ÖZPEK on 20.12.1985 in Denizli Province, Merkez A.Nazif Zorlu San. Shoot the site 7152. No: 2 Gümüşler - Denizli, and then their sons Yasin ÖZPEK and Osman ÖZPEK joined the management.

Özpekler Aquaculture has grown from its own trout production farms in its factory, which is located at the same address in addition to its factory with a closed area of ​​925 m2 built on a total area of ​​1.474 m2, was bought in 2007 and merged as of June 2009 and expanded to a total of 3.472 m2 closed and 2.630 m2 production area. After cleaning, bottling, fumigation (heat treatment) and fillet processes of the trout products, it is frozen in vacuum packages and stored in -40º shock rooms after packaging, especially Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway etc. It exports to the EU countries as "Frozen Trout Smoked Fillet - Fresh Cleaned Frozen Trout" and Sea Bream products.

Özpekler Aquaculture Production Farms

As a result ; Özpekler Fisheries, which has 3.650 - approximately 4.000 Tons / Year Trout, 22.000.000 Pieces / Year Baby Trout and 600 Tons / Year Bream - Sea Bass Production farms and 1.000 Tons / Year Frozen Trout Smoked Processing Factory, is on the way of growth by continuously improving its production and processing capacity. it continues at a steady pace. employs a total of 153 personnel, 5 engineers, 6 administrative personnel in production farms and at the factory, 81 at the farms and 72 at the factory.

Özpekler Aquaculture; 4 cutting machines, 3 fish garaging machines, 2 vacuum machines, 4 - 18 cold room tanks, 1 brine room, 1 bottling room, 6 smoked ovens, 2 drying rooms, 2 -5 cold rooms , 2 pieces - 40 freezing rooms, chiller, skewers, 1 compressor, 2 ice machines, 1 floor area of ​​110 m2 - 22 cold rooms, 2 deep milling rooms, 1 machine track in the form of an electric oven and Ozpekler Seafood has the brand of “Özpekler Seafood” and exports with the number TR 20 30 472. Özpekler Aquaculture Raw materials produced under controlled conditions under hygienic conditions in compliance with the national and international food codex and environmental laws in accordance with the demands of the customers, starting from the commissioning of fish, obtained in all processing processes and as a final product.Production with controlled and food safety and trained personnel until the delivery of frozen Trout and Sea Bream fish to the final buyer, by applying food safety rules and improving quality system continuously, healthy, reliable, hygienic and continuously quality products that will not affect consumer health. producing and presenting to the customer, exports its products with quality policy and increases the production and export capacity by using the most advanced technology in the most effective way, continuously improves its system, thereby contributing to the country's economy in the rate of growth it has produced and produced by providing employment. .

Özpekler Aquaculture Products: - Cold Chain Transport Vehicle and Cooling Unit (Cold Air Unit) were purchased with 2 projects related to the rural development and support projects implemented by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, and machinery purchase to increase production capacity in 2007-2008.

In 2010, our R&D project, which we prepared for application and efficiency in fish farms by producing oxygen through ventilation system and pumping in Denizli Province, in order to increase production capacity and obtain efficiency, has been achieved and desired efficiency has been achieved.

Moreover, again in 2010, we prepared for KOSGEB in order to achieve efficiency, strengthen marketing and reduce costs, and successfully achieved the desired level by implementing it.

In 2011, with the projects we have prepared for capacity increase within the scope of the Rural Development and Support Project, we have successfully implemented their projects by purchasing 2 cold room units, 1 bream inlet and 1 trout inlet (fillet) machines.

Özpekler Seafood; It protects and strengthens its quality in the most effective way with the Customer Satisfaction Principle first. It has prepared its projects that it has prepared especially for KOSGEB and other Institutions of the State in the most effective way, has added employment to its capital with the contribution of these supports, which played a major role in its growth, has transformed it into investment and aimed to grow steadily. As of the first years of its establishment, to the General Staff of the Erzurum, Ankara, Istanbul, Çanakkale, Edirne, Tekirdağ, Antalya Regions, especially the Denizli Province and its surroundings, to the Ministries, as a Fishland Norway, primarily to be a Fish Country. It has delivered these products that it has grown to countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Germany and even the British Royal Family in the best quality. Özpekler Aquaculture, which never compromises its quality, is consumed fast due to the fact that these products are white meat - food, its satisfying and cholesterol ineffective properties, as well as being effective and most importantly ready-made food especially in children's brain development.

In this sense, in an environment where both national and international global competition is intense, a preferred feature has been gained in the face of its competitors, especially because of its quality and the fastest fulfillment of customer expectations and demands.